Our multi-disciplinary team is the reason behind our ability to deliver high quality and individualized services. Through collaboration and ongoing communication each child served has access to the expertise and background of their own direct service team as well as the larger team at Eastside Therapy Services.

Laura Fowls, M.Ed., BCBA, LBA

Clinical Director, Buisiness Owner

Laura founded Eastside Therapy Services in 2014 after noticing a need for naturalistic, highly supportive and individualized services.  The goal was to offer exceptional services to children and their families, with a business model that put client progress at the center.  Eastside Therapy Services is now in it's seventh year of operation!  

As both a BCBA and Child Development Specialist, our program was developed with a unique and holistic approach to services. Laura received her Bachelors degree from Gonzaga University in 2008 with a focus on Psychology, Child Development, and education.  While completing her graduate work at the University of Washington Laura trained at the Haring Center's Experimental Education Unit focusing on direct early intervention for toddlers recently diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, inclusion practices and family centered services.  While working within the research project "Toddler DATA Project" and the Infant and Toddler Early Intervention Program Laura learned the foundations of quality and family centered therapy services and the benefits of a multidisciplinary and intensive team approach.  Laura completed a masters degree in Early Childhood Special Education as well as the  Applied Behavior Analysis masters program.  Laura then moved to a remote area and worked with a local tribe to apply for and receive a grant for a community supported and lead early intervention program based on a combination of direct services and parent education.  Laura developed the program through the first year and worked with the Native American community to leave a sustainable and effective intervention program. Once the program was successfully being run within the community Laura and her husband decided to move closer to family.  At that point she entered what turned into nearly a decade of service in neurodevelopmental centers focusing on providing early intervention services, developmental evaluations, serving as an autism specialist, and leading parent education groups.  Laura continued in this role with neurodevelopmental centers while 

initiating and eventually expanding Eastside Therapy Services.

As Clinical Director at ETS you can now find Laura executing the most recent evidence based methods, serving clients directly, supporting the team at ETS and continuing to  create dynamic, holistic and mindful pediatric therapy services.  When not serving the ETS community you can find Laura spending time with her family, gardening, and enjoying the beautiful area we live in.

Valori Neiger, M.A., BCBA, LBA

Director of Program Development and Training

Valori joined Eastside Therapy Services after spending seven years at Seattle Children's Autism Center.  While at Seattle Children's Valori worked within the multidisciplinary Biobehavioral team providing functional analysis and treatment for children with severe challenging behavior as well as working as a feeding therapist within the Pediatric Feeding Therapy Program.  Valori brings a wealth of knowledge around best practices and multidisciplinary approaches to skill building, and has worked in a variety of direct outpatient intervention programs. While at Seattle Childrens Pediatric Feeding Therapy Program Valori worked with children and families experiencing severe feeding challenges such as total food refusal, liquid dependency and/or highly selective eating. Valori has also assisted in designing and delivering parent education classes at Seattle Children's. While working under the Biobehavioral program Valori lead intensive outpatient programs for children displaying severe challenging behavior.  Valori also designed and implemented individualized ABA programs for patients that were created to be implemented by a larger and comprehensive team.

Valori began work as a professional behavior analyst in 2008 after graduating with an MS from the University of North Texas where she conducted thesis research in Organizational Behavior Management.  Valori spent the early part of her career as a classroom reacher to children in an inclusive school setting at the Academy for Precision Learning.  Valori then went on to serve as the Operations Manager at an in home and community service provider, focusing on developing and implementing skill building programs for school aged children before beginning her years at Seattle Children's. 

In her current role here at ETS Valori focuses on furthering the mission of ETS by developing and advancing the quality of our client services as well as the training, support and development programs designed for our amazing team.  Valori also has continued to provide comprehensive ABA services in collaboration with the multidisciplinary team here at ETS, and will soon be offering feeding therapy to patients experiencing feeding challenges.

Board Certified Behavior Analyst 

Adriana Luna, M.Ed., BCBA, LBA

JaNay Castaneda, M.A., BCBA, LBA

Board Certified Behavior Analyst

JaNay joined Eastside Therapy Services after close to five years of working in both clinical, school and home settings providing ABA services to children from early childhood to adolescence. Her diverse experience has greatly added to our own clinical knowledge.  JaNay completed her undergraduate studies locally at the University of Washington and then completed her Masters in Applied Behavior Analysis through Ball State University. After her years of providing ABA in multiple settings JaNay continues to enjoy serving children and their families in the school, home and community settings. 


When she is not working JaNay enjoys time with her family, friends, and traveling.

Adriana joined our team in 2019 just as she entered the PhD program at the University of Washington, where she is working to become a Doctorate level Board Certified Behavior Analyst. Adriana completed her initial training in ABA at the Child Mind Institute in California. During her graduate studies Adriana trained at the University of Washington Autism Center, and then upon completion of her graduate program moved onto working within a local company providing ABA services. Adriana comes to Eastside Therapy Services with a diverse range of experiences and expertise in the field of ABA and her continued progress in her PhD program continues to add to our team’s knowledge and skill set.


Outside of work and school hours you can find Adriana enjoying the many outdoor activities our area has to offer including rock climbing, biking and hiking!

Julie Ellender, M.A., BCBA, LBA

Board Certified Behavior Analyst

Julie joined the ETS team in 2020.  She came to the Pacific Northwest in search of mountains and cooler weather which she has since found that we have plenty of! Julie trained under both a play based and traditional clinical model with over six years of experience as an ABA provider before joining our ETS team.  After years of working in clinical settings Julie decided to pursue a more naturalistic treatment route and has enjoyed working with children in the home and school settings.  Julie has a natural sense of how to make sessions fun and effective, and has experiencing working with a wide age range of children.

Away from work Julie stays busy getting to know the PNW and discovering her new home!

Jozie Crisafulli, M.A., BCBA, LBA

Board Certified Behavior Analyst

Jozie joined Eastside Therapy Services after learning about the field of ABA and knowing this is exactly where she wanted to develop professionally. Throughout her years as a service provider Jozie has worked with children with disabilities in a variety of settings and roles and has always loved being a direct support children and families. Jozie became a BCBA after close to three years spent providing one on one and group therapy to clients. While in her graduate program Jozie trained under a variety of therapy models and approaches with a focus on working with pediatric patients in naturalistic settings through play based interventions. Along with being a BCBA Jozie also holds a bachelors degree in speech and language sciences.

Away from her work you can find Jozie traveling and exploring with her friends and family. Jozie has a French Bulldog named Nash who makes the ultimate side kick! 

Tehreem Khokhar, M.A., CCC-SLP

Speech Language Pathologist

Tehreem joined Eastside Therapy Services in 2020.  Tehreem joined us with a wide range of experiences working in primarily pediatric populations along with adult experiences.  Tehreem has worked in a variety of clinical settings delivering speech services, and has a background in working with young children, teens and young adults.  Tehreem is a passionate speech therapist who is not afraid to get creative to find what works best for her clients. 


When not working a speech therapist Tehreem enjoys spending time with her family.   

Carolyn Karinen, M.A., CCC-SLP

Speech Language Pathologist

Carolyn joined Eastside Therapy Services shortly after her family re-located to the  Seattle area.  Carolyn is a well experienced speech language pathologist who has a diverse background with nearly ten years of experience.  She has worked with children ages zero to fifteen specializing in school age children diagnosed with autism, emotional disturbances as well as significant behavioral challenges. 


When not working as a speech therapist Carolyn is enjoying time with her family and exploring her new home of the Pacific Northwest.

Diane Knoll ​

Occupational Therapist, OTR/L, SMHP Certified Therapist

Diane Knoll is an experienced and fantastic occupational therapist.  She is passionate about her work as an Occupational Therapist, with over 15 years of experience working in both school settings and pediatric therapy clinics, delivering quality care to clients ages three through adulthood. 


She enjoys working with clients who have self-regulation challenges, sensory processing differences, fine motor delays, and dysgraphia. She specializes in using creative approaches to encourage engagement and increased independence with clients. She is also the Founder and Director of Vibrant Palette, a non-profit visual arts day program for adults with disabilities in the city of Seattle.

Sheila Skemp

Occupational Therapist, OTR

Sheila is a pediatric occupational therapist with over 20 years of experience in schools , home health, and clinical settings. She enjoys creating personalized therapy sessions that include sensory-based interventions, play-based therapy, dance, yoga, and the visual arts.


Sheila can be found hiking, gardening, parenting her 9 yr-old, dancing, or painting in her free-time. She is currently co-creating a 4-step sensory integration training to empower school-districts in their understanding and implementation of sensory integration and modulation strategies.

Elibel Minaya

Occupational Therapist and Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst, OTR/L, BCaBA

Elibel Minaya is a wonderful occupational therapist and an experienced behavior analyst! Elibel first became a behavior analyst working in school, home and clinic settings. As she focused on supporting children to find success she found herseld becoming more and more interested in occupational therapy as she saw the dramatic difference it could make for her clients, and back to graduate school she went! Fast forward to today and Elibel is now an experienced occupational therapist who has worked with both pediatric and adult populations.  Elibel is dually certified and is able to utilize both areas of expertise to create dynamic therapy plans and sessions for her clients.  

Elibel enjoys working with clients who have sensory processing differences, are working to build self-regulation skills, fine motor skills, and/or diagnosed with dysgraphia. Elibel has experience working in both naturalistic and medical clinics and specifically enjoys working on a cross disciplinary team.  

Certified Behavior Technician

Nicole Pemsel, CBT 

Nicole came to join us at Eastside Therapy Services after nearly a decade of working with and supporting children with disabilities.  Nicole has worked in many elementary schools as a support person for children with a variety of needs. Nicole also provides disability education and awareness lessons to elementary aged children in their classrooms and is a passionate advocate for the inclusion of all children in their schools and community.


Nicole and her family love to enjoy the many adventures of the beautiful Pacific Northwest.  You can often find them camping, boating or playing outside rain or shine!

Alexa Mcafee, CBT

Certified Behavior Technician

Alexa joined our team after working for years supporting children in school and home settings with behavior challenges. Alexa initially began working in private schools for families that she worked with and to carry over support for students, and this quickly turned into a interest and Alexa began working in special education programs as well as private school programs.  Alexa also has a wonderful background in teaching emotion regulation, crisis management, and mental health training.  Her background and experience made her a great fit for the the team at ETS.  Alexa has an excellent way of combining compassion, energy and creativity in her sessions with clients.


In her free time Alexa enjoys spending time with friends, family and traveling.  

Certified Behavior Technician

Giulia Ricciardi, CBT

Giulia joined Eastside Therapy Services shortly after deciding to make a career change.  Giuilia felt a pull to have more direct work with patients after she found herself nearly completing school to become a Naturopathic Doctor.  Giulia has become an incredibly skilled behavior technician who has worked with a wide range of ages and settings.  Giulia most enjoys being able to support children through their challenging moments and finds creative ways to make therapy fun and engaging

Away from her work you can find Giulia traveling to new places or enjoying home renovation projects.  

Madison Mariani

Certified Behavior Technician

Madison joined ETS earlier this year as a Certified Behavior Technician after completing her undergraduate degree in Psychology at the University of Washington.  Madison brings with her an ability to connect with her clients in a fun and natural way, and has a way of making therapy fun and relationship based.  Madison has a background in youth programs prior to working at ETS and her experience and creativity shows in her work.


When not working with children and families Madison stays busy with home renovations, and also operates a small business along with her fiance, roasting their own coffee beans and providing coffee for local events in the Seattle area.

Hannah Michaels, CBT

Certified Behavior Technician

Hannah joined the ETS team as a certified behavior technician in early 2020.  Hannah is currently pursuing her undergraduate degree in Psychology at Northwestern University. Hannah became interested in providing ABA therapy to children as a way to help children to reach their own full potential through learning and relationships, after quite a few years of working with children of all ages in camps, service opportunities and as a child care provider. 


When not in school or at work Hannah enjoys playing for her school volleyball team!

Ashton Sells, CBT

Certified Behavior Technician

Ashton joined our team here at ETS as an experienced provider of ABA services! Ashton graduated from Lafayette in Louisiana with plans to , and came out to the Pacific Northwest in hopes of cooler weather and mountains.  Ashton stumbled across the field of ABA as he was preparing to apply for medical school, and has decided to stay awhile as he greatly enjoys supporting his clients to reach their goals.  

Ashton enjoys traveling and getting to know the area! 


Darby Gibson

Certified Behavior Technician

Darby joined our team in 2020 after completing her bachelors degree.  She spent a few years teaching and quickly found that she loved being able to work one on one with kids, which landed her right into the field of ABA.  Darby is a total natural when it comes to teaching skills to children. Darby is currently enrolled in a graduate program to become a Board Certified Behavior Analyst.

Darby is also a coffee connoisseur and has found a great niche here in the PNW!

Abigail Bartee

Certified Behavior Technician

Abigail became a CBT while pursuing her Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology at the University of Washington. Since graduating she now is working as a CBT and planning on beginning her graduate degree in school psychology. Abigail loves the relationships she gets to build by working in the field of ABA and seeing her clients progress each day.


In her free time she enjoy's cooking, gardening, and going on hikes

Regine Arnold

Certified Behavior Technician

Regine joined the team at ETS after years of experience supporting children with behavioral challenges in natural environments. After having a diverse range of experiences ABA therapy seemed like a natural fit. Regine moved to Washington state and started her position as a CBT and has made a wonderful impact through her hard work. Regine shows a unique ability to support a wide range of skills and truly understands how to build strengths through play and interactions.


In her free time Regine enjoys spending time with her family and adventuring with her puppy! 

Emily Whelan

Certified Behavior Technician

Emily is an experienced educator who comes to us after two decades of applying music and theater techniques to teach a wide variety of cognitive and social skills to children and adults throughout the world. She has lived abroad for much of her career, including long periods of time working in Australia and Asia, but is now thrilled to call the Pacific Northwest home.  Since the birth of her three children, she has become increasingly passionate about designing developmental opportunities for younger learners. 

Emily brings a creative and fun approach to our practice, along with a strong understanding of Applied Behavioral Analysis techniques and principles.

Kapé Cosmos

Certified Behavior Technician

Kapé joined the ETS team in 2020! Kapé had experience as an experienced provider of ABA services and came to ETS with the hope of delivering a higher quality of services under a more naturalistic and play based model.  Kapé has also worked with adults with disabilities for years while she completed her bachelors degree.  Prior to starting her career in ABA Kapé has been supporting her clients in school settings and finds ways to target critical goals in a variety of creative ways.  

Outside of sessions you can kind Kapé spending time with her family

Erin Rodriguez

Certified Behavior Technician

Erin joined the team at ETS in 2020.  Erin previously worked as a director and teacher in a child care center and experienced first hand both the fun and reward that comes with working with children.  When Erin learned about ABA therapy she knew the role would be a great fit for her interest and experience. It most certainly has been a great fit, and Erin brings fun, creativity and relationship building to each of her sessions.

Erin is also a mom to three young children and always finds ways to bring learning to both her mom and professional role.  

Anbria Johnson

Certified Behavior Technician

Anbria joined the ETS team as an experienced ABA provider.  Anbria has worked with a variety of ages for years as an ABA provider and she came to ETS hoping to join a provider with a more naturalistic and client centered model.  Anbria is also currently in graduate school to become a BCBA and it was this process that lead her towards a more compassionate and play based model of pediatric therapy. Anbria brings both the fun and expertise to her sessions.

In her spare time Anbria stays pretty busy with graduate school and also playing with her two sweet pups.

Grace Stephens

Certified Behavior Technician

Grace joined team ETS in 2020 after multiple years as a behavioral therapist in a school setting. Grace was searching for a setting with high levels of collaboration and support and she has been a wonderful addition to the team at ETS.  Grace has experience with school aged children and has a wonderful ability to target skills in a clear and natural way. Grace has experience in working in both home and school settings and is an experienced and thoughtful ABA provider.

Grace hopes to attend graduate school in the near future as a BCBA!

Yana Opanasevych

Certified Behavior Technician

Yana joined the ETS team after quite some time in the field, and has recently completed her Masters in Education.  Yana previously worked as a third grade teacher and in an effort to learn how to support her students on the autism spectrum she discovered ABA and knew this was her future career. Yana went back to school, received her masters degree, and is now preparing to sit for the BCBA exam.  Yana has worked with a variety of ages and in a variety of environments, and has the unique blend of both a teaching and therapy background.

In her spare time stays quite busy with her family.

Grania Buckley

Certified Behavior Technician

Grania came to the field of ABA after knowing she wanted to find a way to individualize therapeutic practices for young children with disabilities who were in skill building programs.  Grania has worked with a variety of ages from leading parent/child infant classes to rehabilitation programs for adolescents.  Grania most specifically is known locally as a talented and masterful music teacher.  Grania is able to bring her unique background and experience to her interactions with her clients in a beautiful and engaging way!


Outside of sessions you can find Grania hiking, exploring and enjoying time with her family.

Braden Moore

Certified Behavior Technician

Braden joined the ETS family after learning about the field of pediatric ABA services from another provider and friend here at ETS.  Braden knew that this was exactly the kind of position he was hoping for and has been on board ever since! Braden has worked with a variety of youth of the years in volunteer and direct support roles. As A BT Braden enjoys getting to know the unqiue strengths of hsi clients, and using those strengths to support progress and growth. 

Cameron Masters

Certified Behavior Technician

Cameron Masters is a Certified Behavior Technician with years of experience in the field prior to joining the ETS team. Cameron recently completed her undergraduate degree with at Western Washington University where she majored in Psychology. Cameron has been involved in working directly with children in a variety of roles and enjoys working with toddlers as well as elementary ages clients.  Cameron's engagement in ABA sessions shows and she greatly enjoys getting to know and supporting the individual needs of each of her clients. 

Michael Fowls

Business Manager

Michael joined Eastside Therapy Services during our initial business development.  He has been in corporate finance for a few of the larger companies in the Seattle area for over a decade.  Michael makes it possible for us to achieve our mission of providing exceptional services by exceptional staff, which requires paying staff at a significantly higher rate than the industry standard.  Michael's financial planning and business management skills keep our business sound and growing and enable us to stand out as as an exceptional provider of therapy services.

Outside of work you can find Mike as a busy dad of little ones.  Mike also enjoys wood working in his spare time!