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Consulting Pediatrician

Salary Range: $98-$140 Per Hour

Job Description

Our fantastic multidisciplinary team here at Eastside Therapy Services is growing! We are a small and close-knit group of providers operating under a multidisciplinary and naturalistic therapy model. We believe in a holistic approach to pediatric therapy services.

Our feeding team is developing an interdisciplinary autism feeding program here at Eastside Therapy Service. This will be the first non hospital based program in Washington state! We are jazzed to say the very least about bringing this service to the community! To fully and holistically address feeding we will be adding a primary care physician to our team (MD, DO, ARNP, ND).

This role will engage in program development and initiation of the new discipline within a therapy practice. This role will also get to be involved long term in both assessment and treatment of patients enrolled in the feeding therapy program.


· Competitive hourly compensation of $50-60 an hour

· A supportive and collaborative team environment

· The ability to manage your own time and make your own schedule

· Flexibility in caseload size, specialty/focus and scheduling

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