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What are Screenings and Evaluations?

 A screening is a short assessment to determine if your child would benefit from further testing in a specific area of their development.  An evaluation is a more in depth look at a child's development.  We provide screenings and evaluations in all areas of development including;

  • Language

  • Motor

  • Feeding

  • Sensory

  • Cognitive

Screenings or evaluations do not always result in recommendations for therapy. We are happy to speak with you at no charge if you are wondering if your child needs any kind of developmental testing or screening.


The best way to determine where your child is developmentally is by performing screenings and evaluations. This is often the first step parents take with their children in order to figure out the best plan of action. 

What Happens During a Screening or Evaluation?

Screenings and evaluations  involve gathering information which will provide you with clear recommendations.  We will observe your child and play together while we gather the information we need. We ask you as the parent quite a few questions. This process can be as short as thirty minutes and as long as two hours. We are quite familiar with how children may respond to testing and we are careful to make this a positive experience for families and children.


What Are The Next Steps?

We are always available for you.  We offer screenings and evaluations at your home or at your child's school; with tons of flexibility with timing!  If you are a child care provider interested in accessing evaluations or screenings for children at your school we do offer this service and many child cares find it beneficial. 

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