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Why this model?

When we look at the evidence behind what creates the most positive outcomes for young children with autism we know the following elements are critical:


  • Enriched and inclusive early childhood environments

  • Intensive and high quality multidisciplinary pediatric therapy services

  • Play based learning

  • Relationships and strong attachments surrounding children

  • Emotion coaching and self regulation lessons taught in early childhood

  • Supported peer relationships and attuned coaching around social skills

  • Parent involvement


The results and outcomes of program participants have been outstanding and we are so honored to offer this program ot our community!



Who are these programs for?

  • These programs create an opportunity for families to access comprehensive and individualized ABA, OT, SLP and early childhood classroom based services within one team and program. 

  • For parents ready to have the peace of mind that their child is getting the most critical opportunities at the most critical stage. 

  • Children ages 2-6 who have recently been diagnosed with autism. 

  • There are 5-7 children in each program group with each child having their own therapist at all times.

  • The program runs Monday through Friday in our Gilman Village Therapy Center from 9:30-12:00 or from 1-3:30. 

  • The program runs year round with rolling enrollment as openings occur.


These are incredibly unique programs combining pediatric therapy services, early childhood classroom learning, and nature based therapy.  Children participate in the enriched early learning program while a therapist works one to one with children building skills throughout the session. 


What skills do these programs build?

What skills will the program build?


  • Communication and early language skills

  • Classroom readiness

  • Social skills and friendship building

  • Play and early learning skills

  • Social reciprocity and imitation

  • Self-regulation and emotional awareness

  • Individual goals designed for each child based on their unique strengths and areas for growth

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