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What is ABA Therapy?

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a flexible and engaging method of learning that gives us the ability to design a highly individualized program for your child.


In it's simplest form ABA breaks down identified skills into small and teachable steps and creates learning opportunities that allow your child to feel successful in learning these new skills. We focus on teaching skills using your child’s strengths  and  interests to develop the skills they need to access the world around them.  

At ETS we specialize in providing therapy under a naturalistic model which utilizes both naturalistic therapy settings and naturalistic interventions.  By teaching functional skills in natural settings we help our clients learn to use skills in the places they most need those skills. By providing services using naturalistic interventions we embed our direct interventions in preferred activities, play, routines and interactions.


Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) uses the science of human behavior and learning to teach critical and personally relevant skills that will improve the life of both clients and families. We take the science of ABA and revolutionize our services by implementing naturalistic and relationship-based approaches that build meaningful and long lasting skills for clients.

What Does an ABA Session Look Like?


From the outside, the session may look like two people playing.  On the inside tons of critical work to develop new skills and reduce challenging behavior is happening.  The ABA team is made up of a direct therapist and a BCBA who is frequently present for sessions as well.

ABA always begins with the development of a therapeutic relationships.  Sessions can occur one on one in the home, school, child care or community using the natural routines, learning opportunities and therapist created routines to target the skills identified as being beneficial to develop.


During each therapy session your child's team is taking detailed data.  We then use that data to make changes, verify progress and best of all we keep your child on the path to continued progress and growth. 



How Do We Get Started With ABA Therapy?

Prior to beginning services a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) will come to your home to learn more about your child.  The BCBA will be there to ask questions, observe, review medical records and complete an assessment of your child’s current skills. 


Using the information collected during the assessment we will identify any skill deficits, and create a comprehensive plan to target all parts of your child’s development.  One of the wonderful things about ABA is our ability to target across areas of development. One child may be working on communication, play, feeding, cognitive development, social skills and problem solving all in one session.

If you are interested in beginning ABA services you can contact us to schedule a phone call to learn more!

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