What is ABA Therapy?

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a flexible and engaging method of learning that gives us the ability to design a highly individualized program for your child. 


At Eastside Therapy Services we use the science of ABA to provide your child with the opportunities to reach their full potential. We use games, activities, play, and your child’s strengths and  interests to develop the skills they need to access the world around them.  ABA therapy includes one on one sessions with your child, as well as parent coaching sessions.  Our goal is that families have the support they need.

ABA Therapy

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) improves your child's ability to interact, communicate and learn. We take the science of ABA and revolutionize our services by implementing naturalistic and relationship-based approaches that build meaningful and long lasting skills for clients.

What Does an ABA Session Look Like?

We start all one on one sessions with activities that the child will look forward to!  Early on in therapy we work hard as a team to develop a fun and engaging relationship with your child.  During each session, a behavior technician, will work to target all the skills laid out in your child’s plan. We target critical skills in a unique and specifically designed way that works best for your child. From the outside, the session may look like two people playing.  On the inside tons of critical work to develop new skills and reduce challenging behavior is happening.  The BCBA is frequently present for sessions as well; assessing, adjusting and adapting therapy to maximize the potential of all therapy.  This is not a one size fits all plan.  These sessions could occur in a play room, the living room with siblings present or even while out for a walk to the park.  You will often find our therapists visiting the park with a child, or supporting a family outing. 


During each therapy session your child's behavior technician is taking detailed data.  Each skill we are teaching is being closely tracked.  We then use that data to make changes, verify progress and best of all we keep your child on the path to continued progress.  Your child's BCBA  is reviewing data weekly, often multiple times a week, to be sure we are changing and adapting the program and therapy as frequently as needed.

How Do We Get Started With ABA Therapy?

Prior to beginning services a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) will come to your home to learn more about your child.  The BCBA will be there to ask questions, observe, review medical records and complete an assessment of your child’s current skills.  Using the information collected during the assessment we will identify any skill deficits, and create a comprehensive plan to target all parts of your child’s development.  One of the wonderful things about ABA is our ability to target across areas of development. One child may be working on communication, play, feeding, social skills and problem solving all in one session.

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