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We believe therapy should be something children should always look forward to and be rooted in evidence based treatments that are designed to meet the unique strengths and needs of your child.


No other child is like your child, and what a wonderful way to be!  Every part of our therapy plan is tailored to your child. From the materials, to the team, to the location, no plan is the same.

Our strengths based approach honors the gifts your child brings with them and our method aims to foster their strengths while building skills that will give them access and opportunity.  


By combining evidence based treatment with a naturalistic and relationship based model we offer the opportunity for life changing skill building that feels fun for all!


At ETS, we believe that functional skills are learned in functional settings. This allows us to use naturally occurring opportunities and routines to build the most meaningful skills.  By seeing a child in the context of their world we are best able to support the development of skills in the settings we hope to see those skills used.


Our multidisciplinary team of experts brings a whole child approach to the table which not only allows us to offer a higher quality of treatment, but also a more comprehensive and effective approach for your child and family.


When deciding on a therapy team for your child, ETS understands you want the best of the best. We prescribe to a relationship based model here at ETS. We believe that all of us learn, thrive, and grow when we are with others we have secure and trusting relationships with.

We exclusively hire experienced and skilled therapists to ensure your child receives the highest quality of care.  By focusing on recruiting and retaining the true best of the best (really though, our team is the BEST!) we are able to offer children and families a therapy team that will be there to stay and grow with them.


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