We believe therapy should be something children should always look forward to and be rooted in evidence based treatments that are designed to meet the unique strengths and needs of your child.


No other child is like your child, and what a wonderful way to be!  Every part of our therapy plan is tailored to your child. From the materials, to the team, to the location, no plan is the same.

Our strengths based approach honors the gifts your child brings with them and our method aims to foster their strengths while building skills that will give them access and opportunity.  


As a provider of naturalistic therapy services we combine science and creativity to create a therapy program that is designed around your  child!


We believe that functional skills must be taught in functional settings using naturally occurring opportunities and routines to teach and develop skills in meaningful ways. 


We think outside of the box when it comes to therapy, with the goal of making sessions fun, productive and something each child will look forward to. 


Finding an experienced and knowledgeable team is what every parent hopes for.  We exclusively hire experienced and skilled therapists giving you the reassurance that your child's is receiving the highest quality of care. 


 It takes a village to support children and families and our village her at ETS is here to grow and learn with you and your child