What Happens at a Social Skills Group?

Social skills groups are a fantastic opportunity for children struggling with peer interaction to develop the skills needed to begin and build friendships. Social skills groups aim to increase help children develop the necessary skills to interact socially with others. 


Our groups look like your typical summer camp or play date, yet they are specifically designed and tailored to target the individual skills we have set as goals for each client.  We have fun group activities, snack time, art activities, and free play.  Each activity is designed and adjusted to target each client's goals.


Establishing a sense of social connectivity is an important part of children's development. Our social skills groups provide a positive experience where children gain relevent social skills that they can carry over to other social settings.

When Are Social Skills Groups?

Social skills groups are held Monday to Friday from 3:45PM-5:30PM.

Please contact us for further information about current social skills groups at info@eastsidetherapyservices.com.


What Else Does a Social Skills Group Session Include?

  • An assessment of each child's strengths and challenges

  • Specific goals for each child to be targeted in the social setting 

  • Direct work with a child development specialist and Board Certified Behavior Analyst to reach social goals 

  • Each social skills group will be designed and ran differently to be sure that all individuals goals are addressed

  • Supported opportunities to have successful interactions with peers

  • Direct coaching and feedback when interacting with others

  • Direct instruction and support to build the social skills necessary to interact with others and to build friendships