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What is Feeding Therapy?

Feeding therapy is a relationship based therapy where a trained occupational, speech or behavior therapist will help support a child's feeding by addressing sensory, oral motor, medical, behavioral and nutritional needs to help the child increase their feeding skills and comfort with food.

Feeding therapy targets the underlying foundational skills for children to build opportunity for safe and happy participation in meal time by using a developmental continuum to naturally help children lead the way on their feeding journey.

What Does a Feeding Therapy Session Look Like?


Feeding therapy is highly personalized! While we use the basis of SOS feeding therapy and/or the Stepwise approach it depends on the families' goals. We can do feeding therapy with peers, with the family, 1:1, or even in school. Utensil use, food complexity, and nutritional needs will all depend on the client. We will also work with physicians and nutritionists as needed to create a more holisitic approach. 





Feeding therapy builds skills that can create not only happier meal times for all, but sets the foundation for a long term and healthy relationship with food

Kid Eating Meal

How Do We Get Started With Feeding Therapy?

We always start services by having all clients fills out a service inquiry form which you can access below!


We can schedule an assessment which will include a variety of questionnaires for the family (such as a food diary or the Sensory Profile) and a screening with your child.

If you are interested in beginning Feeding Therapy services you can contact us to schedule a phone call to learn more!

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