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What is Parent Coaching?

Our parent coaching sessions are tailored to parents of children with delays in their development.  We understand how your child's unique strengths and challenges can make generic parenting advice feel hard to implement. Our parent coaching sessions helps you as a parent feel empowered.  Some examples of common topics that parents find helpful often include:

  • tantrums

  • picky eating

  • sleep

  • family outings

  • not feeling like their child is listening

  • sensory challenges

  • aggression

  • how to set limits that work

  • engaging in independent play, etc.  

We believe in judgement free and empowering parent coaching.  You will leave these sessions with an enhanced sense of confidence!


We know that the most influential figures in a child's life are their parents. Our team of therapists and developmental experts  believe that true progress begins with empowering the parent. 

What Happens During  a Parent Coaching Session?

A typical parent coaching session begins with developing your own personal goals.  These goals are developed together with the parent, with professional guidance and input from a child development specialist and behavior analyst. In the following sessions parents are able to share what they tried, what worked and what didn't work.  If needed we change our plan based on how each family is feeling about meeting their goals.   Each plan has specific action steps that have been developed based on your child's needs.  We then move on to new topics that have not yet been covered, or new goals the family would like to start working on.   


Where Do Parent Coaching Sessions Happen?

Sessions can be done in person or online.  We are quite flexible with timing, offering sessions during evenings and weekends. Our flexibility gives every parent the opportunity to take part in this service, no matter what their weekly schedule may look like. 

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