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Our new naturalistic therapy center is expected to open Winter 2021!

Walking into our new Eastside Therapy Services therapy center in Gilman Village, you will be greeted by a friendly team of experts in their field (and perhaps even some rabbits and goats!). 

Our naturalistic clinic feels fun and warm from that first step in the door. Our space allows children to learn and grow in an environment that feels like a place any child would want to learn and play at. Our indoor early learning center replicates an easy going and inviting classroom. Our outdoor therapy center allows for children to be immersed in nature, play and community. 

Our hope was to create a community centered therapy location that where all children could enjoy learning, playing and growing alongside friends with the support of a skilled and sensitive team of pediatric therapists.  We are so thrilled to offer this learning opportunity to our clients and community.

Our Center Offers: 

Small Group and Peer Learning Opportunities

Occupational Therapy
Speech Therapy 
ABA Therapy

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Multidisciplinary Therapy Programs for Children with Autism