If you are visiting our website, your child might have either just received a diagnosis or you are concerned with an area of their development.


We are here to help!

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Serving the eastside of Seattle SINCE 2014

We provide therapy in:


  • Our naturalistic therapy center (Gilman Village in Issaquah)

  • Your child’s school

  • Your home

  • Child care settings 


By offering therapy services in natural environments we are best able to build skills that are meaningful, functional and immediately able to be used in the places most needed!

Being a part of the Eastside Therapy Services family is something pretty special and we are so honored to collaborate with and serve the families we serve! 


Developing meaningful skills is what we do best. ETS works closely with parents to develop a therapy plan with a team that will give your child the support and guidance needed to reach their full potential. 

A therapy team of experts you can trust

ETS therapists are highly qualified, specialized, and experienced. We align our expertise and knowledge with our passion for SUPPORTING children and families. Access to top-quality providers means your child has the best opportunity to progress under expert care.

PUTTING The Fun Back in Therapy

ETS provides naturalistic and play-based therapy. We combine evidence-based methods with your child’s strengths and interests to expand on and build skills that matter.

We use preferred activities, naturally occurring routines, play and your child's environment to teach the exact skills we hope to see your child using in that same environment! By teaching functional skills in functional places, meaningful learning happens!


Are you seeking support for your child? Let’s chat!
ETS offers a no-cost consultative call for families searching for therapy services for their child. 

Contact us to learn more about what services may best support your child's growth!

TEL: (425)459-5214  |  FAX: (425)459-5223