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If you are visiting our website, your child might have either just received a diagnosis or you are hoping to find support for an area of your child's development.


We are here to help!

Click below to inquire about services for your child. 

naturalistic therapy model

We believe in meaningful skill building that feels natural and connected.


Our team has been providing therapy in natural environments and through naturalistic intervention strategies since 2014.

We serve ages infancy to 12 in the following settings:

  • Our naturalistic therapy center (Gilman Village Issaquah)

  • Homes

  • Child care

  • Schools

  • Community (from soccer practice to art class, we want to be there!)

When we teach functional skills in functional places, meaningful learning becomes a reality!  We embed therapy goals within routines, play, preferred activities, and the existing environment so we can build skills that are impactful for the long term.

RELAtionship based therapy approaches

We believe that the foundation for all meaningful learning begins with meaningful relationships.  All of us learn best from people we can be our true selves with. By focusing on relationship development across the team we can offer skill building opportunities that are genuinely developed around the individual. 

A therapy team of experts you can trust

ETS therapists are highly qualified, specialized, and experienced. We align our expertise and knowledge with our passion for SUPPORTING children and families. Access to experienced providers means your child has the best opportunity to progress under expert care.

Therapy plans that grow with your child

Our multidisciplinary team of experts offer the following therapy options:

  • Occupational therapy

  • Speech therapy

  • Parent Coaching

  • ABA therapy

  • Feeding therapy

  • Nutrition Counseling

  • Social Skills Groups

  • Comprehensive Early Childhood Autism Programs

Each child's therapy package and plan reflects what makes the most sense for their unique needs. Individualized goals, treatment plans and collaborative teams create a holistic approach to pediatric therapy services that we are so proud to offer.


Are you seeking support for your child? Let’s chat!
ETS offers a no-cost consultative call for families searching for therapy services for their child. 

Contact us to learn more about what services may best support your child's growth!

TEL: (425)459-5214  |  FAX: (425)459-5223

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