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Our multidisciplinary therapy team works under a naturalistic and relationship-based model to provide therapy services for children in a variety of settings.

We understand that each child is unique, with different needs and preferences, which is why we offer flexible treatment packages that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of each child and family.

Our therapy team includes professionals from different disciplines, including speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, and behavior analysts, who work together to provide comprehensive and integrated care for children with a range of developmental and behavioral challenges.

Our therapy services are available in different settings, including home, school, community, and our naturalistic therapy center. Depending on the child's needs and preferences, we can create a plan and therapy team to meet those needs.

We offer a range of therapy services, including speech therapy, occupational therapy, and Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy. Children can be enrolled in one or all of these options, with the frequency, location, intensity, and schedule being determined by the needs of the child, scheduling availability of the client and providers, and other factors such as approval from insurance.

Here are some examples of what a treatment package might look like:

Charlotte, a 12-year-old with challenges in social relationships with peers, self-regulation, and some social language challenges, works with a speech therapist at home one afternoon a week and sees an OT for self-regulation work one afternoon a week. She gets ABA at home 3 days a week after school to work on social goals and practicing accessing coping strategies.


Occupational Therapy

Developing the skills

necessary for everyday life


ABA Therapy

Designing a unique, individualized program for your child's needs

Speech Therapy

Helping your child effectively communicate 


Parent Coaching

Supporting, empowering and educating parents


Social Skills Groups

Developing the skills needed to establish and maintain soicial relationships 


Evaluations and Screenings

Assessing whether your child would benefit from our services

Comprehensive Autism Programs

  • These programs offer all our therapy options in one program. 
  • All program participants receive Occupational, Speech, ABA therapy and weekly parent coaching.  
  • These comprehensive programs are offered in small group settings
  • We focus on classroom readiness, early friendship building, communication, pre-academic skills, and self-regulation skills along with individualized and unique goals designed to each client and family. 
  • This program is for children ages 2-6 who had been diagnosed with autism.  



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