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When is the Kindergarten Prep Program?

The Kindergarten Prep Program is held Monday through Friday from 1:00PM-3:30PM.


Please contact us for further information at



What Happens at the Kindergarten Prep Program?

This program is designed to be an intensive and naturalistic intervention for children recently diagnosed with autism who will be entering Kindergarten the following school year.

Children will receive ABA, speech and occupational therapy when enrolled in this program.

Therapy services are delivered through small group, play-based instruction mirroring a kindergarten classroom routine and setting.


Transitioning into a new learning environment plays a key role in childhood development. Our kindergarten prep program will help children learn the skills that may create a smoother transition from home to school while they work alongside our experienced and helpful staff.


What Else Does the Kindergarten Prep Program Include?

Weekly parent coaching is also provided to target home follow-through on goals and to offer progress reporting to families.

Our outdoor therapy center provides nature based therapy as well as access to our animal assisted therapy program (think the fluffiest of bunnies and the cutest of goats!)


All direct therapy services are covered by your insurance provider and billed directly to your insurance.The early intervention monthly program fee is $550.00 per month.

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